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Happy 110th Birthday!

Show Floor, Moon Stage
October 10, 2023
Alexa Mikhail
Fortune Magazine
Dugal Bain-Kim
Ellen Rudy, PhD
Jenn Kerfoot (they/them)
Saeju Jeong
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The discussion panel at the HLTH health event revolved around the topics of aging and longevity. Key participants included representatives from Force Life, Duo's, Noom, and Papa, all of whom shared their thoughts on how to best tackle the aging process. The conversation emphasized the need for holistic health, which includes physical, emotional, cognitive, and social overall well-being and highlighted the importance of social connection in battling loneliness. Panel members asserted that technology can enhance accessibility and help in reducing health inequities. They also discussed the potential pitfalls of trying to live to a specific age, suggesting that quality of life and personal satisfaction are better metrics for success in aging well.

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