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Habitual Health

Show Floor, Earth Stage
October 10, 2023
Dr. Gary Foster
Josh Hix
Season Health
Kristen Berman
Irrational Labs
Lauren Driscoll
Amanda Eilian
Able Partners
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This panel discussion revolves around implementing behavior change around food, focusing on promoting health and wellness. The panelists include experts from various health and wellness companies and ventures, such as Able Partners, Weight Watchers, Season Health, Irrational Labs and Nourish RX. They discuss the challenges in achieving behavioral change in food habits, such as the lack of knowledge about nutrition, the reinforcing nature of unhealthy foods, and the complexities of food choice. They emphasize the importance of personalization in dietary recommendations, taking into account cultural and socioeconomic factors. They also discuss the role of technology in promoting behavior change and the importance of in-person components. They point out that interventions for healthier eating habits should not be made obsolete by medications like GLP-1 for treating obesity, as behavior change is still crucial. The discussants hope for policy change to promote healthier food choices and foresee the landscape of behavior change around food to be shaped by technology, increased accessibility to interventions, improved taste of healthy food, and a societal shift in attitudes towards unhealthy eating.

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