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Gut Feelings

Show Floor, Earth Stage
October 9, 2023
Dr. Jessica Shepherd
Verywell Health
Ellen Rudolph
Momo Vuyisich
Robin Berzin
Parsley Health
Sunny Jain
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The panel was dedicated to discussing gut health and its relation with various health conditions. The discussion included experts such as Sonny Jane the CEO of Floré, Robin Berzin the CEO of Parsley Health, Momo Vuyisich the Chief Science Officer of Viome, and Ellen Zhang the CEO of WellTheory. The attendees underlined how essential gut health was viewed in the healthcare sector. Health goal analysis showed that the top benefits gained from focusing on gut health include improved skin health, mental health, and gastrointestinal health. Some gender-specific differences in gut bacteria complicate matters, making certain dietary choices beneficial or harmful depending on the individual. They further emphasized the need for individualized diet plans by testing the gut microbiome. Reorienting traditional diets toward whole foods, fermented foods, cruciferous vegetables, and attention to product ingredients are highly recommended.

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