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Gun Violence is a Public Health Crisis

Show Floor, Sky Stage
October 10, 2023
Dr. Leana Wen
The Washington Post
Chethan Sathya, MD, MSc
Northwell Health
Lloyd Minor
Stanford School of Medicine
Darla Silva
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Dr. Chafin Sathiyan, a pediatric trauma surgeon and expert on gun violence, discussed the issue of firearm violence as one of the country's significant public health crises during a presentation. He pointed out that gun violence can affect anyone, regardless of the community they live in. He shared a concerning 350% increase in gun injuries among kids in New York. The conversation emphasized the importance of treating gun violence as a public health issue, rather than a political one, and the need for quality data and surveillance to properly research and understand the epidemic. Dr. Sathiyan also highlighted the importance of nuanced conversations about gun violence, particularly regarding different kinds of firearms incidents and the various interventions that could be used to prevent them. He also discussed the role of policy interventions and highlighted the need for policies to focus on specific aspects of gun violence, such as firearms suicide and firearm violence.

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