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Greater Access to Quality Healthcare for All

Show Floor, Sky Stage
October 9, 2023
Rina Raphael
Journalist & Author
Sebastian Guth
Hon Pak, MD, MBA
Samsung Electronics
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The president of Bayer, Sebastian Good, discussed the company's role in addressing healthcare disparities and their commitment to fill gaps in accessibility and affordability, especially for people in remote areas. Bayer had supported many uninsured patients with products worth 550 million U.S. dollars. The firm also has a profound focus on education, addressing misconceptions and fears that deter people from seeking medical attention. Moreover, Bayer targets disparities in health outcomes between urban and rural Americans, especially racial disparities in chronic diseases and cancer. They employ thousands of people throughout the US, many of whom live in rural areas, and work to create solutions to health problems in these communities. Bayer prefers to partner with organizations that are proactive in creating the future and solutions to pressing issues rather than just predicting future trends. Their partnerships and initiatives, including contraception education via TikTok, span numerous areas, from tackling food deserts to providing aid to under-insured populations.

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