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Genomics Unleashed

Show Floor, Sky Stage
October 10, 2023
Vineeta Agarwala, MD PhD
Andreessen Horowitz
Brad Perkins (MD)
Kamal Obbad
Nebula Genomics
Noura Abul-Husn, MD, PhD
Shweta Maniar
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The panel discussion focused on genomics, diagnostic testing, and the Life Sciences and their implications for the healthcare sector. Key maintenance mentioned the significant role that genomics played during the Covid-19 pandemic; Genomic sequencing helped in the distribution and adoption of the Covid-19 diagnostic test.

The panelists also discussed the rapid decrease in the cost of genomics and genomic sequencing, which they expect will further drive down the cost of other related technologies.

Another topic of conversation was the role of AI and large language models (LLMs) in interpreting genomes and its future applications in biology. Privacy issues related to large-scale genomic sequencing were addressed, with reassurances that consumer privacy and data security are top priorities.

There was also discussion around the introduction of genomics in healthcare as a standard, as it promises to revolutionize healthcare and lead to personalized medicine strategies.

However, complications arise when considering who will foot the bill for this genomic revolution – consumers, healthcare providers, or a combination of both. The panel also touched on the role of government and businesses, as well as how changes to consumer behavior and healthcare provision in other countries might influence American approaches.

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