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Founders: Every Day They're Hustlin’ (And Burning Out)

Show Floor, Ocean Stage
October 9, 2023
Damayanti Dipayana
Jay Desai
Bamboo Health
Karan Singh
Tegan Bukowski
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This session discussed founder burnout, touching on pressures founders face, how they manage these pressures, and the roles investors and the work culture play in this issue. The discourse started with personal experiences, acknowledging that most founders face significant pressure, causing stress and sometimes leading to burnout. One panelist added that a founder's state of mind trickles down to the team, affecting the overall mood of the organization.

The discussion shifted towards the relationship between investors and founders, with one panelist noting that it felt hard to share personal struggles or take a day off. All attendees, however, agreed on the need to strike a balance between the push for productivity and the importance of self-care. The session concluded with a call for healthcare sessions about founder wellbeing at all significant conferences and emphasized the need for boundaries to protect founders, investors, and teams from burnout.

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