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Finders Keepers: How to Attract and Retain Top AI and Tech Talent in Healthcare

LVCC, Lvl 3, Rm 325-327
October 10, 2023
Todd Gottula
Clarify Health
Priti Shah
Iodine Software
Stefan Dicker
Dinesh Kandanchatha
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The panel discussion held by the Finders Keepers involved sharing perspectives on the impact of technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), on the workforce and talent acquisition in the healthcare sector. The consensus was that AI, primarily Generative AI (GAI), is becoming a significant tool in the healthcare industry. However, some panelists noted that there's still a lot unknown about its full potential and it will take more time to fully realize its impact.

The panelists emphasized the importance of mission, culture, and values in an organization and their influence on employee retention and engagement. While technical expertise remains crucial, the importance of communication and problem-solving skills is increasing. 'Know-how' is gradually taking precedence over 'know-what', shifting the focus from mere technical skills to understanding how technologies can solve business problems and interact with each other.

Furthermore, the panelists also highlighted the importance of implementing responsible AI practices to reduce potential risks involved with the use of AI, especially in the healthcare sector where patient data is sensitive. They predict that AI will transform the administrative and operational aspects of healthcare systems and will make developers more productive. Despite the opportunities, the panelists also pointed out the cost and compliance challenges that organizations currently face with AI implementation.

To summarize, while the panelists anticipate that AI will reshape the technical workforce and add value to healthcare organizations, advancements should be made responsibly with a focus on operational efficiency and safeguarding sensitive patient information.

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