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Equity by Design

Show Floor, Sky Stage
October 8, 2023
Dr. John Wigneswaran (Dr. Wig)
Hadas Bitran
Microsoft Corporation
Liz Beatty
Reshema Kemps-Polanco
Nicholas St. Fleur
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The panel at Health discussed the importance of increasing representation in clinical trials from underrepresented communities. They discussed how cultural competence and trust can enhance participation in these trials. Microsoft, for example, is working on AI-led technologies that analyze patient data to find matches for clinical trials and are intentionally diversifying their AI ground truth annotators and dataset to avoid racial bias. Also, digitizing the recruitment process and offering trials in the community via trusted local healthcare providers were suggested as ways to enhance equity and lower expenses. Companies like Walmart and Novartis are also taking initiatives to ensure trials are culturally sensitive and accessible.

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