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Entrepreneurs Guide to the Universe: The Basics in 20 Minutes

Show Floor, Startup Stage
October 8, 2023
Howard Burde
Howard Burde Health Law, LLC
Peri Avitan
Bradford Burkett
Matchpoint Partners
Jim Kean
Molecular You
Justin Barnes
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The presented content is a panel discussion at an entrepreneur's guide presentation. Four experienced entrepreneurs primarily give advice on maintaining and growing a successful business. The main points discussed include:

1. The importance of product-market fit: Entrepreneurs must ensure that they have a viable and sellable product that fits in an existing market.

2. The need for strong account management: Startups must present themselves professionally to larger companies and ensure their product is used effectively within these organizations.

3. The power of execution: Execution is key in making a startup successful. This includes setting and meeting various goals, attracting a supportive board of directors and advisors, and securing consistent revenue.

4. The importance of reimbursement: In the healthcare sector, the selected business model must be built around reimbursement codes to ensure that healthcare professionals get paid for using a startup's solution.

The panelists conclude that having goal-oriented teams, introducing stock incentives for employees, developing a compensation tier, and surrounding oneself with contributors are crucial elements for enduring business success.

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