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ENGAGE @ HLTH: Presented by MedCity News

LVCC, Lvl 2, Rm 213-215
October 8, 2023
Suchi Saria
Bayesian Health, Malone Center for Engineering and Healthcare, Johns Hopkins University
Alex Momeni
General Catalyst
Sunita Mishra, MD, MBA
Marissa Plescia
MedCity News
Merith Basey
Patients for Affordable Drugs
Kevin Ban, MD
Walgreens Boots Alliance
Creagh Milford
CVS Health
Dr. Nworah Ayogu
Amazon Clinic
Eric Klein
Sheppard Mullin
Assaf Barnea
Sanara Ventures
Blake Wu
Anuradkhika A
CommonSpirit Health Ventures
Maria D. Toler
SteelSky Ventures
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The panel focused on the transformations in healthcare in the context of the application of AI technology. One panelist had broken her foot and was frustrated about the lack of responsiveness from her primary care physician, which she speculated might have been different if AI were involved. The experts predicted the incorporation of AI-based models into complex domains like healthcare to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of care teams. While Amazon, CVS Health and Walgreens are using AI tools to make healthcare more affordable for customers, they noted the importance of the human element in many services and raised questions about the potential for AI to replace human involvement in healthcare. Large-scale implementation of AI into healthcare will require governance and a set framework of standards to determine applications of use and suitability. Despite agreeing that prices for certain medications are high and that negotiations can be pursued, each company has different policies on how they handle patient costs and data transactions. The experts also addressed the ongoing pandemic, which they said has pushed for a transformation within the healthcare system.

The panel discussed the recent trends and changes in the healthcare and investment sector. Panelists cited aging and home healthcare as hot areas which need innovation and investment. They also suggested the growing trend sees healthcare moving away from acute care institutions and increasingly into home environments, with the use of technology such as remote patient monitoring. The discussion touched on areas of patient engagement and inclusion, and how these are crucial in shaping the future direction of healthcare. Another key challenge that was raised is the need for clearer definitions of success in strategic alliances, as well as the importance of understanding the patient population in healthcare startups. Finally, there was also a focus on Medicaid and the untapped potential for investment and innovation in this area.

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