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Embrace the Future of Data and AI Across the Entire Healthcare Journey

Show Floor, Main Stage
October 10, 2023
Alysa Taylor
Microsoft Corporation
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Alyssa Taylor, corporate vice president Azure industry for Microsoft, discussed the importance of data utilization and artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, during a presentation. Taylor revealed that the healthcare industry's vast and growing data supply can, when combined with AI, enable improved patient care, insights and experiences. Microsoft's Alyssa Taylor discussed the development of data analytics platform, Microsoft Fabric, with new specific data solutions for healthcare, intending to enable new insights and better care. Taylor also highlighted Microsoft's emphasis on safe and responsible data usage, as data is only used based on set controls and in areas where it is protected and governed. Over the last decade, the healthcare industry has evolved, and organizations are now prioritizing the needs and experiences of the people they serve – with healthcare being the leading industry in that regard.

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