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Down with the Clipboard: Healthcare’s New Information Exchange Outlook

Show Floor, Main Stage
October 10, 2023
Caryn Seidman Becker
Toby Cosgrove, MD
The Cleveland Clinic
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This text describes a conversation between Karen Seidman Becker, chairman co-founder and CEO of CLEAR, and Toby Cosgrove, former CEO of the Cleveland Clinic. They discuss how CLEAR, a biometric secure identity company initially developed for streamlining airport travel, can be applied to healthcare for a safer, more efficient experience. They highlight the need for interoperability, which can ease the process of sharing and accessing health records, reducing waiting times, and eliminating cumbersome administrative tasks such as filling out forms.

CLEAR's Universal identity concept, which enables the usage of verified identity across different platforms, is especially applicable in healthcare, potentially reducing friction in administrative procedures for patients and healthcare providers. The idea is to connect people with the different aspects of their health records, making information transfer seamless and more comfortable.

Becker also shared how personal experiences have motivated her to focus on healthcare, emphasizing that CLEAR can significantly enhance patient experience and improve healthcare outcomes. Cosgrove commended CLEAR for addressing the three central aspects that patients desire - clinical, physical, and emotional experience.

Finally, they discussed the security of the data, asserting the company does not share or sell data and maintains high levels of cybersecurity. The government has also been supportive of CLEAR's entry into healthcare.

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