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Deploying Clinical AI at Scale

Show Floor, Moon Stage
October 8, 2023
Nassib Chamoun
Health Data Analytics Institute (HDAI)
Roberta L. Schwartz
Houston Methodist Hospital
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The content provided features a talk about implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) at scale in clinical settings, particularly in Houston Methodist Hospital. Roberta Schwartz, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of the hospital, discusses how a massive amount of healthcare data stored in electronic health records (EHRs) can be harnessed for better patient management. They explore the challenges tied to the use and accessibility of EHRs, which are mostly unstructured and often redundant.

Naseeb, President and CEO of Health Data Analytics Institute, presents their solution for turning large amounts of structured and unstructured healthcare data into actionable insights. The implementation of machine learning and generative AI models on cloud computing infrastructure allows the efficient analysis of the data. For instance, the models interpret clinical notes in real-time, making it possible to use historical data to predict patient risk profiles. These insights empower healthcare teams to deliver more efficient treatment and care to their patients. However, all of this requires a significant cultural shift towards a more data-driven healthcare system.

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