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Delivering on Digitally Enabled Care – Progress and Potential

LVCC, Lvl 3, Rm 325-327
October 9, 2023
Jared Augenstein
Manatt Health
Stacy Lloyd
American Medical Association
Virna Little
Concert Health
Grace Cordovano
Enlightening Results
Rasu B. Shrestha, MD
Advocate Health
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This session explored the advancement of digitally enabled care and the ongoing progress and potential of effective digital care initiatives. Several panelists and experts discussed and shared their experiences within digitally enabled care and some of the various ways that their services have improved medical care and the lives of their patients. Emphasizing the need for a multi-stakeholder approach in healthcare, they mentioned the significance of close collaborations with all involved parties to enhance digital care.

Stacey Lloyd, the director of digital health and operations at the AMA, shared about AMA's focus on expanding digital medicine codes, creating seamless experiences for partnerships, and developing impactful physician practice and health system partnerships.

Advocate Health's Rasu Shrestha shared the story of how they launched the largest hospital-at-home program. Verna Little of Concert Health discussed their collaboration with Mercy Health in providing mental health care services via digital platforms to more locations. Various strategies for patient-centered healthcare delivery transformation, interoperability, and the crucial role of digital technology in modern healthcare were among other topics covered.

Grace Cordovano, a board-certified patient advocate, highlighted the need for patient involvement and self-advocacy in healthcare decisions and innovations. The need for transparency, better partnerships for patients, and improved reimbursements in healthcare were also addressed. Overall, the discussion underscored the continuous advancement of digital health and its vital role in improving patient care and healthcare operations.

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