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Data Rx

Show Floor, Earth Stage
October 8, 2023
Lisa Shah, MD
Twin Health
Noosheen Hashemi
January AI
Paul Jacobson
Thorne HealthTech
Stephen Ranjan
Lina Behrens
HLTH Europe
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The panelists share their views on the importance of data in managing and preventing health issues, emphasizing the potential of wearable technologies and Artificial Intelligence to make a significant contribution. They note the importance of integrating therapeutic diagnostics and data, with potential for powerful interventions that reduce harmful events and improve patient outcomes. Panelists also discuss how data can give patients the tools to make more informed health management choices, advocating for the use of wearables and AI in achieving this. They explore the role of the food industry in promoting healthier diets and preventing diseases like diabetes, with a view to the potential of the digital twin approach in this context. The discussion also highlights the shift taking place in the role of doctors and the healthcare system, where focus is transitioning towards prevention and providing patients with actionable data for self-management. Some panelists express concern that the effectiveness of wearables is overrated, indicating that more work is needed to ensure these devices lead to substantial behavioral changes.

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