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Connecting Workplace Culture and Wellbeing

Show Floor, Main Stage
October 9, 2023
Russell Glass
Ryan Roslansky
Morra Aarons-Mele
The Anxious Achiever
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In a discussion moderated by Maura Aaron Mele, CEO of LinkedIn, Ryan Rose, and CEO of Headspace, Russel Glass explored the importance of mental health in the workplace. Maura highlighted that 15-20% of Americans at work have a mental illness, emphasizing the need for a supportive work environment. Russel suggested that businesses need to normalize mental health conversations, provide training to managers, provide comprehensive mental health benefits, and link mental health with company culture. Ryan Rose emphasized the need for companies, especially in tech and finance sectors, to define their culture and values, especially in attracting top talent. Both leaders acknowledged the challenges they face in their roles and stressed aspects like positive thinking, breathing exercises, and mindfulness in managing their own mental health. They also highlighted peer-to-peer networks, such as LinkedIn, as crucial for professionals to discuss their challenges and solutions. They finally stressed the importance of redefining company culture and values during the current pandemic and ensuring employee wellbeing.

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