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ChatGPT vs. The Experts

Show Floor, Moon Stage
October 9, 2023
Brigham Hyde, PhD
Atropos Health
Fatima Paruk MD, MPH
Sonya Makhni
Mayo Clinic
Morgan Cheatham
Bessemer Venture Partners
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The panel discusses the progress, challenges, and potential of AI in healthcare. They explain that AI is an overnight success nearly 60 years in the making and it has experienced more adoption in the healthcare space during 2022. However, they acknowledge the existing issues in model evaluation and emphasize the need for more steps in testing these models to ensure they are safe, effective, and not causing any harm. They also stress the importance of transparency in AI application in healthcare. The panelists assert that all models should not be held to the same standards, as some use cases have different risks and requirements. They urge that AI should be developed with patients and healthcare professionals to ensure value and longevity, and that there's a need for multimodal, longitudinal diverse datasets for AI training. Looking to the future, they predict the democratization and further development of AI technologies in healthcare.

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