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Catching Cancer If We Can

Show Floor, Sky Stage
October 9, 2023
Chevon Rariy, MD
Oncology Care Partners
AmirAli Talasaz
Guardant Health
Anabella Aspiras
White House Cancer Moonshot
Othman Laraki
Color Health
Stephen Hahn, M.D.
Harbinger Health
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The panel discussed the importance of cancer detection and the factors that influence it, such as access to healthcare, data management, and patient experience. The panelists included health experts, CEOs of health organizations, and individuals involved with the White House's Cancer Moonshot initiative. They discussed the potential of early cancer detection and the impact it can have on survival rates. Specific topics covered include artificial intelligence, the role of the FDA in regulating cancer screening tests, the importance of equitable access to these tests, and the potential for integration of cancer prevention strategies into everyday life. The panelists emphasized the importance of affordable, accessible screening tests in detecting cancer early, as well as the challenges and ethical considerations in managing large-scale biomedical data.

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