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Bringing AI to Healthcare Responsibly

Show Floor, Main Stage
October 9, 2023
Shiv Rao, MD
Erin Brodwin
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In this transcript of a chat session, James Manica, the senior vice-president of research technology and Society for Google, discusses the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare with Aaron, a health tech reporter from Axios. Manica highlights Google's responsibility to get AI in healthcare right due to the massive influx of health-related queries the company receives daily. He also discusses Google's significant research in AI, particularly in uncovering protein structures and genetic defects which could revolutionize healthcare.

Manica emphasizes Google's commitment to privacy despite past controversies surrounding handling of health data. The company has taken significant measures to protect privacy, including not keeping customer data and committing to HIPAA compliance. Manica further reveals that AI applications no longer depend wholly on personal data, but rather patterns in images and datasets.

Despite the significant progress in AI, Manica underlines the importance of responsibility in harnessing AI's potential in healthcare, focusing on minimizing harms and maximizing benefits. Lastly, he mentions various collaborations with other institutions to develop AI models and tools that can assist in healthcare delivery.

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