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AWS Healthcare Accelerator Innovation Showcase

Show Floor, Startup Stage
October 8, 2023
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The presentation includes five companies that focus on different aspects of healthcare and aim to improve patient outcomes through innovative solutions:

1. Dan Lambert's Pathology Watch uses artificial intelligence for accurate diagnosis and prognosis in skin cancer processing. The company digitizes samples and utilizes AI to identify cancer cells and predict disease progression. The system is designed to improve time-consuming processes and reduce the need for physical microscopes and fax machines, eventually being an end-to-end software solution.

2. Connie Moser's Nevada Neo creates real-time location services that reduce the time nurses spend on research and scheduling care. Nava Neo enables medical professionals to find clinical and non-clinical resources effectively using mobile devices, which results in decreased response times, improved patient care, and better workflow efficiency.

3. Megan Jones' company, Pep Health, uses patient feedback from online reviews and comments to gauge patient satisfaction and improve the care offered. Pep Health gathers and organizes feedback from across the internet and uses this data to benchmark healthcare facilities.

4. Squid IQ focuses on improving the management of the medical equipment fleet in hospitals. Founder Rob Davenport discusses how Squid IQ's software integrates all equipment-related data to improve accessibility and manageability, thereby saving hospitals huge expenses.

5. Anjali Kataria's company Mytonomy aims to improve patient education and engagement. They utilize a content-based platform to educate patients in an easily accessible and personalized manner.

6. Beneath Gulati's Harmony Health is focused on connecting hyperlocal communities to better address healthcare disparities. It uses technology to scale existing community relationships to improve healthcare access for marginalized groups.

7. Marie Antoinette's RX Place is an online marketplace for pharmacies to source drugs, aiming to make the process faster and more efficient. The marketplace gives pharmacies access to a wide range of drugs, optimized by price and volume, saving time and reducing drug shortages, thereby offering potential savings on drug costs.

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