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Applying AI in Health and Human Resources

Show Floor, Ocean Stage
October 10, 2023
Kate Brown, MS
Ana-Maria Constantin
Cascade Health
Brad Younggren
Paul Droubay
Western Governors University
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This is a panel discussion regarding the role of AI in human resources, health, and benefits where Kate Brown of Mercer, Anna Constantine of Cascade, Brad Younggren of 98.6 Technologies, and Paul Drew of Western Governors University participate. The panel discusses challenges in implementing AI, such as maintaining patient trust and ensuring 0% failure rates with AI applications. They also addressed the importance of trust and transparency when integrating AI and the benefits it can bring in terms of analyzing data and identifying bias. The panel also highlighted the potential of generative AI in improving patient experiences and integrating healthcare solutions. However, they emphasize the importance of thorough testing and high-quality data in AI deployment. When it comes to AI adoption in organizations, transparency and gradual implementation were suggested.

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