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Announcements from Texas Medical Center Innovation, Mendel, Tia, BeMe Health

Show Floor, The Newsroom Stage
October 9, 2023
Devin Dunn
Texas Medical Center Innovation
Karim Galil
Jessica Horwitz
Nicki Tessler, Psy.D., MBA
BeMe Health
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Three speakers discuss their companies' contributions to the healthcare industry.

Speaker one, Devin Done, representing Texas Medical Center Innovation Factory, discusses how she leads Health Tech Innovation accelerator programs. She talks about the Texas Medical Center which is the largest Medical City and creates a fertile testing ground for new technologies. They have worked with over 220 companies through their accelerator programs, which include digital health, medtech and therapeutics. They assist startups from the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, and Australia as well.

Speaker two, Kareem Ayyad, talks about his company, Mendel, and its product hypercube, a machine that understands medical records worldwide. They have used AI which can read and understand medical paper on their own. They have validated the products' effectiveness and efficiency via clinical trials, comparing performance against other large language models from Google and Facebook.

Speaker three, Nikki Teperman, discusses the services her company Beme Health offers. She highlights its focus on teen mental healthcare, prioritising an engaging, accessible approach that utilises technology and a human touch. They've developed the service in collaboration with teenagers and have integrated digital assets, coaching, therapy, psychiatry, and crisis support into their platform. The enterprise has seen positive outcomes in self-esteem, hope, and coping increase among teens using the service, and also successful in reducing anxiety and depression.

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