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Announcements from Moffitt Cancer Center, OMNY Health, Tomorrow Health, Ash Wellness

Show Floor, The Newsroom Stage
October 9, 2023
Corinne Leach, PhD MPH FGSA
Moffitt Cancer Center
Mitesh Rao, MD
OMNY Health
Vijay Kedar
Tomorrow Health
David Stein
Ash Wellness
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The speakers presented various innovative projects in the medical field to improve healthcare. The first shared about Cancer X, a collaborative initiative focused on reducing financial toxicity in cancer patients. This project aims to provide resources to expedite treatment times, bridge the digital divide, automate navigation procedures, and personalize patient experiences. The speaker from Omni Health talked about the expansion of their platform that provides a National Data layer to connect provider organizations with real-world data opportunities. Their upcoming product includes Social determinant of health, Medical device monitoring, and Safety signal detection.

Vijay Kedar from Tamara Health emphasized the importance of improving and streamlining home-based healthcare services to meet the increasing demand. The company uses technology and partnerships to make the home a patient's primary place of care. The speaker from Ash Wellness spoke about their partnership with the Fulton County Board of Health to provide free home STI and HIV testing, emphasizing that remote diagnostics allow access to marginalized people and could be key to ending the STI epidemic.

Overall, these presentations emphasized the use of technology and collaboration to improve healthcare delivery, accessibility, and efficiency.

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