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Announcements from Hinge Health, Noom, Mass General Brigham, Flow Neuroscience

Show Floor, The Newsroom Stage
October 9, 2023
Daniel Perez
Hinge Health
Dr. Linda Anegawa
Noom for Work
Sara Silacci
MGH Center for Innovation in Digital Healthcare
Erin Lee
Flow Neuroscience
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The three presentations focused on innovative solutions to improving healthcare outcomes and patient experiences.

1. Hinge Health: Co-founder and CEO, Dan Perez, discussed how Hinge Health uses technology for better musculoskeletal care delivery, particularly non-surgical, non-opioid care. Perez shared about how Hinge Health uses AI for digital, at-home physical therapy sessions and has developed non-surgical, non-opioid pain relief tech called Enzo. He revealed new programs, including a fall prevention program for seniors and an expansion of their true motion technology.

2. Noom: Chief of Medicine, Dr. Linda Anegawa, highlighted the company's approach to tackle obesity through a combination of evidence-based obesity medicine and behavioral change programs. Anegawa introduced Noom Med, a component of Noom for Work that integrates Arnold with personalized coaching for behavior change. She emphasized the promising results of Noom compared to standard care lifestyle change programs.

3. Mass General Brigham Hero: Chief Strategy Officer for Digital Research and Innovation, Sarah Slocum, announced the launch of Mass General Brigham Hero, an integrated research organization aimed at advancing clinical research. The program simplifies administrative procedures, enhances data quality, and promotes collaboration between researchers, patients, and clinical trial sponsors. They aim to revolutionize clinical research, reducing the time and improving the success rates of clinical trials.
4. Flow Neuroscience: CEO Erik Rehn talked about Flow, a new, non-drug treatment for depression which uses transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), for stimulating certain parts of the brain responsible for regulating mood and emotion. Rehn shared positive patient experiences and promising results from their latest clinical trial, showing that Flow is twice as effective as 21 of the top antidepressants. He expressed plans to make Flow globally accessible, starting with receiving FDA approval.

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