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Announcements from Cedar, Charlie Health, Hawthorne Effect, Story Health

Show Floor, The Newsroom Stage
October 10, 2023
Seth Cohen
Dr. Caroline Fenkel
Charlie Health
Jodi Akin
Hawthorne Effect
Nita Sommers
Story Health
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The discussion focused on the innovative approaches to healthcare and improving patient management in health systems. The first part was about the increase in high deductible health plans and the lack of awareness around health savings accounts, noting that billions of dollars are wasted each year because consumers do not know how to use these accounts effectively.

The next topic centered around teen mental health, highlighting the alarming rates of suicide among teens and the challenges faced by young adults when trying to navigate the healthcare system. The speaker presented a new model of group therapy, which matches patients based on their condition, symptoms, and lived experience.

The discussion then moved to clinical trials, emphasizing the lack of representation in these trials and the need for more accessible models of care. The speaker highlighted a new model that focuses on where patients live, rather than where trials occur, as a means of improving access to trials.

The need for innovation in specialty care and specifically heart failure treatment was discussed, with the focus on improving accessibility and effectiveness of care.

The discussion also covered the problem surrounding the accessibility and affordability of prescription drugs, with a call for more efficient clinical care models.

Finally, the talk touched on the idea of developing better patient engagement and personalized care models for specific healthcare conditions. A new approach for tackling heart failure, based on continuous care and a patient-centric model, was presented.

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