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Accelerating Success in Advanced Value Based Payment

LVCC, Lvl 3, Rm 322-324
October 9, 2023
Adimika Arthur
Health Tech for Medicaid (HT4M)
Allen Miller
COPE Health Solutions
Pete Delgado
Salinas Valley Health
Kristen Cerf
Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan
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This was a panel discussion on the topic of value-based care, featuring healthcare industry professionals including Adam McArthur, Kristen Cerf, Alan Miller, and Pete Delgado. The panel discussed their roles, perspectives, and experiences in implementing and advancing value-based care in their various organizations.

They agreed on the importance of creating a comprehensive approach to care, being mindful of community needs, and developing strong partnerships between providers, payers, and stakeholders. Persistent challenges identified include data quality, regulatory complexities, and financial constraints.

They also underscored the significant role technology plays in advancing value-based care, specifically data analytics. They pointed out opportunities for improvements using technology like capturing real-time data and improving care management systems.

Engagement strategies focused on understanding community needs, offering services like free pregnancy tests, and utilizing community health workers. Incentives for engagement varied from product design that fits the population's needs to offering services that close gaps for members.

The speakers highlighted numerous recommendations for overcoming obstacles such as uniting providers, payers, community health workers and stakeholders to influence policy that supports value-based care, and altering healthcare strategies from reactive to proactive.

Looking to the future, the panelists expressed their excitement for initiatives like California's population Health Management program, increasing numbers of providers using electronic medical records, and an anticipated ""tsunami of digitization"" which will assist in identifying high-risk patients. The panelists are also anticipating seeing more healthcare entities adopting risk-based models and practicing evidence-based care.

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