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A Drug Discovery Renaissance

Show Floor, Sky Stage
October 9, 2023
Jessica Federer
Supernode Ventures
Anne Heatherington, PhD
Brad Miller
Diogo Rau
Eli Lilly and Company
Greg Meyers
Bristol Myers Squibb
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In this panel discussion, four executives from the pharmaceutical industry share their thoughts on how technology could transform drug discovery. Jessica Federer, former Chief Digital Officer at Bayer, moderates the panel, composed of Anne Heatherington, Chief Data and Technology Officer at Takeda Pharmaceuticals; Brad Miller, CIO at Moderna; Diogo Rau, Chief Information and Digital Officer at Eli Lily; and Greg Meyers, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

They discussed the great potential of using digital tools, such as artificial intelligence, for drug discovery and development, with some believing that curing cancer isn't a scientific challenge anymore, but a computational one. This shift necessitates a change in the industry’s mindset, breaking away from the traditional clinical trial model.

They further commented on the need for standardization in the tech and healthcare industries, as well as the benefits shifting to a patient-first approach. They also highlighted the importance of data and technology, but underlined the significance of tech ethics in ensuring patient welfare. These changes are leading the pharmaceutical industry to not only save lives but also change the way they operate on a principled level.

To attract disruptive, innovative thinkers, these pharmaceutical companies acknowledged the need for fostering openness and adaptability to change, believing that technology will play a crucial role in the future of the industry. They also highlighted their ongoing internal initiatives and projects that aim to improve processes, enhance patient experience, and standardize data, further underscoring the impact of technology on the industry.

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