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30 Going on 13

Show Floor, Moon Stage
October 10, 2023
Abby Miller Levy
Primetime Partners
Joe Betts-LaCroix
Retro Biosciences
Kristy Berry
Melanie Goldey
Tally Health
Robert Hariri
Celularity Inc.
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In this panel discussion, the panelists, including leaders from companies like Primetime Partners, Tally Health, Retrobiosciences, Sinenigex, and Cellularity, discuss the topic of longevity and healthspan. They discuss the importance of studying and understanding the cellular mechanisms of aging, and highlight the potential advancements in longevity studies that could contribute to enhancing healthspan or lifespan. They also discuss the role of commercialization in moving these advancements from scientific research to usable products and treatments. They further delve into the importance of data analysis in understanding aging and healthspan, and the potential of using such data to drive behavioral changes for healthier living. Lastly, they discuss the challenges in integrating longevity studies and treatments into traditional healthcare systems and the importance of creating awareness about longevity.

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